Crafty Llama

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A darling new character from New York Times bestselling illustrator Renata Liwska stars in this book about the joy of making and the utility of creativity! It’s a lovely day, and Llama wants to do something special . . . but she can’t decide what that special something is! To help her think, Llama knits and knits and knits, and soon her friends have gathered to see what she’s up to and to try out her knitting. Llama offers a knitted something she's made to Beaver, but neither of them are sure what it's for. Beaver likes things to be useful, so they think and think and think (and work and work and work!) trying to decide. Meanwhile, creativity is flowing among all the other animal friends. It's a craft explosion! And soon Beaver and Llama discover they've both accomplished something very special indeed. A sweet, touching story—with unique, homemade charm—about true friends who know just what you need, and how creative work brings inspiration!