The Afterlives

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A love story that asks: what happens after we die? The debut novel from National Book Award 5 Under 35 Winner and author of the “ridiculously good” (New York Times) collection Hall of Small Mammals. Jim Byrd died at age thirty-three. Technically. For a few minutes. Revived with no memory of any tunnels, lights, or angels, Jim has all but given up on the idea of an afterlife until the day he hears it—a ghostly voice on a staircase.

As Jim works to unravel the mystery of the voice, he begins a new life with his wife, Annie. Fumbling for faith, searching for proof that we might outlast our bodies, the couple tangles with holograms, psychics, a machine that connects the living and the dead, and a physicist convinced the universe only 93% exists.

Together, Jim and Annie confront the specter of loss that looms for anyone who dares to fall in love. Funny, fiercely original, and gracefully moving, The Afterlives is a portrait of a marriage, a story of overlapping histories, and a journey outside of time and space. This story will haunt you. In a good way.