The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen

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With the growing popularity of the Mediterranean diet as both a tool for weight loss and easy-to-maintain lifestyle, this book goes right to the source of authentic Mediterranean home cooking. Samantha Ferraro is a food blogger whose flavor profile is rooted in her family’s Mediterranean heritage, spanning Israeli/Jewish foods, Middle Eastern, Italian and more. In The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen, she puts a modern spin on the most delicious dishes she grew up eating, making them accessible for a Western audience. Other Mediterranean cookbooks fall flat as too heavy on the “diet” side, but now readers can lose weight or maintain their health while enjoying all the rich and delicious flavors this cuisine has to offer.

The recipes cover a wide range of options—from fast and easy weeknight staples like Turkish White Bean Soup with Herbs or Kofte Meatballs Over Charred Spicy Eggplant, to incredibly flavorful entrees that will impress your family or dinner guests, such as Lemony Chicken Shwarma, Fennel Fattoush Salad with Pistachio and Mint, Lentil Falafel and even special desserts like Saffron and Rose Crème Brulee. Samantha expertly puts a modern spin on traditions, making the dishes come to life and feel new. For anyone intrigued by the buzz over the Mediterranean diet, this cookbook is the most authentic introduction.

This book has 80 recipes and 80 photos.