The U. S. Child Support System and the Black Family

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Bestselling author and social critic Demico Boothe shares his personal story of being wrongfully convicted of a crime, being sent to federal prison, and coming out of prison only to have to immediately deal with a hostile child support system that seemed intent on sending him back to prison over money he didn't have. Boothe shares how the current child support system poorly served him and his family and identifies and analyzes many areas within the system that need fixing. Boothe identifies racism, emotionalism, anti-male feminism, and profit motive as the main driving forces of the U.S. child support system, not the bettering of the welfare of children. Upon finding that unemployed and underemployed black fathers are disproportionately the recipients of the worst punitive actions that the system has to offer due to economic and racial reasons, Boothe decided to pen a book about it, hoping to shed some much-needed light on this issue.

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