The Power of Empathy

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Heal yourself to heal the world: The Power of Empathy is an informative and inspirational guide to building a better world through compassion, connection, and curiosity.

With this thirty-day approach, you can develop your empathy skills as tools for self-love and empowerment. Empathy expert and entrepreneur Michael Tennant weaves together scholarly research with his personal journey of loss, substance use, anxiety, and depression to explore how empathy can benefit both our inner lives and our larger community.

Filled with heartfelt personal stories, techniques for mindfulness, and engaging journaling prompts, this book grounds the abstract concept of empathy with an actionable and intersectional framework. Learn to compassionately support, courageously confront, gracefully model, effectively resolve, and masterfully connect—all through the power of empathy!

VITAL AND TIMELY: For everyone looking to reconnect and build bridges in response to the stressful and traumatic events of our modern times, this book provides an encouraging, conversational, and accessible introduction to the basics and benefits of empathy. Psychologists, social justice activists, and business leaders alike have found empathy to be an important tool in strengthening relationships and boosting mental health, morale, and even productivity.
INSPIRING EXPERT AUTHOR: In 2018, Michael Tennant launched Actually Curious, a conversation card game that helps people create safe spaces to be vulnerable and share their views on personal issues and current events. The game went viral and sold out immediately, leading to features in the New York TimesCosmopolitanHarvard Business ReviewForbes, Goop, Refinery29, and other major media. Tennant has since led talks and workshops on empathy and leadership with top companies and organizations, including NASA, Bumble, Stanford Law School, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and the Innocence Project. 
ACTION-DRIVEN SELF-CARE: This insightful book is a perfect gift for fans of Brené Brown, Alex Elle, Alok Vaid-Menon, Rachel Cargle, Esther Perel, and Brittany Packnett, and other speakers whose values emphasize compassion, vulnerability, and empathy. For anyone who has felt inspired by these speakers’ social justice and relationship content and is hungry for more resources, this thirty-day guidebook offers an inclusive perspective that will help transform these values into a consistent day-to-day practice.

Perfect for:
  • Anyone interested in developing healing and self-care practices
  • Mental health and wellness enthusiasts looking for new approaches
  • Activists, community organizers, and compassionate connectors
  • Business leaders, managers, and nonprofit professionals
  • Black men and other BIPOC interested in self-improvement
  • People on a journey of recovery from grief, addiction, anxiety, or depression
  • Anyone looking to strengthen their relationships with family members or friends
  • Readers of psychology and self-help books like Think Again and Set Boundaries, Find Peace
  • Fans of Alex Elle, Alok Vaid-Menon, Rachel Cargle, Brittany Packnett, Yung Pueblo, and the Nap Ministry
  • Fans of the Actually Curious decks and other conversational card games like We’re Not Really Strangers and Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin