About Us

Let us help diversify your reading. We Are LIT is an independent, multicultural bookshop offering new, diverse books across all genres. Our inventory is hand selected to connect readers of all ages to their interests through thoughtfully curated books.

Reading Revolution. Read for the resistance! Because part of the resistance is knowledge and books are knowledge...we curate the most relevant and most recent books that focus on the current sociopolitical environment with the hope of moving the conversation forward.

More than a bookshop. We Are LIT is a community built on book culture. I do not view myself merely as a bookseller, but rather as a moderator in an ongoing dialogue among readers and my community on everything from the current sociopolitical climate to how individuals can empower one another to live their best life. These, among others, are conversations created around books and I love that as a bookseller, I help move these conversations forward.” ~Kendra McNeil, owner and curator of We Are LIT Grand Rapids


Kendra McNeil is a native of Bolingbrook, IL and has resided in Grand Rapids, MI for 10 years with her husband and two sons. The inspiration for We Are LIT derived from her lifelong passion for reading, books, and travel.  In addition to running We Are LIT, Kendra works as an in-house paralegal and executive assistant at a fraud and forensic accounting /litigation consulting firm in Downtown Grand Rapids.

McNeil is a staff writer for Grander Magazine and innovation news editor at Rapid Growth Media; by which she enjoys writing about social issues around art, business, culture, and people. She is also moderator of Women Who Read Grand Rapids and local ambassador for the New York-based literary platform, Well-Read Black Girl.

McNeil is an avid traveler and lover of books. You can contact Kendra at kendra@wearelitgr.com