Multicultural Bookshop

(Photo credit: Stephen M. Smith)

Let us help diversify your reading. We Are LIT is an independent, multicultural bookshop based in Grand Rapids, Michigan selling new, diverse books across all genres. Its inventory is hand selected to connect readers of all ages to their interests through thoughtfully curated books.

Literacy is homemade! Curating multicultural books for young readers is our jam! We believe the passion for reading is ignited when a child can see themselves through the characters of fun, vibrant stories!

(Photo credit: Doug Sims Photography)

Reading revolution. Read for the resistance! Because part of the resistance is knowledge and books are knowledge...We Are LIT curates the most relevant and most recent books that focus on the current sociopolitical environment with the hope of moving the conversation forward.

Books in the City!  We Are LIT is on a mission to create a culture around books in West Michigan! We love to bring the bookshop offline and into the Grand Rapids community through pop-ups within some of the city’s best venues for art, culture, and entertainment.

More than a bookshop. I do not view myself merely as a bookseller, but rather as a moderator in an ongoing dialogue among readers and my community on everything from the current sociopolitical climate to how individuals can empower one another to live their best life. These, among others, are conversations created around books and I love that as a bookseller, I help move these conversations forward.” ~Kendra McNeil, Owner and Curator

We Are LIT is proud member of the American Booksellers Association.