A Few Days Full of Trouble

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In a hypnotic interplay between uncovered facts and vivid recall, the last surviving eyewitness to the lynching of Emmett Till tells his story, with moving recollections of Till as a boy, critical insights into the recent investigation, and powerful lessons for racial reckoning, both then and now.

In 1955, Emmett Till was lynched when he was 14 years old. That remains an undisputed fact of the case that ignited a flame within the civil rights movement that has yet to be extinguished. Yet the rest of the details surrounding the case remain distorted by time and too many tellings. What does justice mean in the resolution of a 66 year-old cold case? In A Few Days Full of Trouble, this question drives a new telling of the story of Emmett Till, relayed by his cousin and best friend—the Reverend Wheeler Parker, Jr., a survivor of the night of terror when 14-year-old Emmett was taken from his family’s rural Mississippi Delta home in the dead of night.

Rev. Parker offers an emotional and suspenseful page-turner, set against a backdrop of reporting errors and manipulations, racial reckoning, and political pushback—and he does so accompanied by never-before-seen findings in the investigation, the soft resurrection of memory, and the battle-tested courage of faith. A Few Days Full of Trouble is a gift to readers looking to reconcile the weight of the past with a hope for the future, a powerfully-bodied work of truth-telling.

Story Locale: Chicago, IL; Summit, IL; Money, Mississippi; Washington, DC (1955 - present)