Beyond Hot Yoga

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A holistic method for practicing hot yoga—a new 40-pose series of postures based on modern understandings of anatomy and movement.

Bringing hot yoga beyond Bikram and into the 21st century, Beyond Hot Yoga offers a bold new science-backed 40-pose sequence. Built on up-to-date insights on bodily movement—and the understanding that all bodies are different—author, practitioner, and teacher Kyle Ferguson challenges the long-held belief that all yoga poses are right for all people. He also opens up a vital conversation regarding the principles of embodiment and interconnectedness in yoga, doing so with humor, erudition, and tongue-in-cheek wit.

More than just a practice guide, Beyond Hot Yoga is a shake-it-up investigation of ideas: it encourages a new exploration of the social nature of human beings, emphasizes the harmony between physical design and mental process, and explores the philosophy of embodiment and the spiritual value of practice. Included are quarantine-tailored adjustments for reaping the benefits of the hot yoga sequence for when you can’t get to a class, as well as tips on alignment, postures, and learning to read and listen to your body as you practice yoga.