Daffodil Hill

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A candid and heartwarming memoir of reinvention about a city girl who leaves behind a big career to move to a farm in rural Mississippi

Jake Keiser was living the life in Tampa, Florida, running a high-powered PR firm and juggling drink dates, shopping sprees, and charity galas. But at age thirty-eight, following a failed marriage, a series of miscarriages, and a still-blistering breakup, she began to suffer from extreme anxiety. Hit with the realization that no amount of Botox could fill the hole in her heart, she decided to make the impulse purchase of a lifetime. She bought a farm in rural Mississippi and moved to the middle of nowhere.

As the new owner of a farm, suddenly responsible for more than seventy-five animals and five acres of land, and with only one bar of cell service, Jake begins her search for inner peace. Through trial by fire, she learns to fix a well, haul wood, shoot a gun, and care for baby chicks, goats, turkeys, geese, dogs, and a cat—with her own signature style, playing spa music for them when they’re sick and naming them after her favorite fashion designers. The only problem is, she still can't figure out how to truly care for herself.

Unable to escape the accumulated pain of her past, Jake hits rock bottom. With nowhere left to run, she's finally forced to confront a bracing reality: The farm won't save her; only she can save herself.