Eyes That Speak to the Stars

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New York Times bestselling author Joanna Ho delivers a poignant follow up to Eyes that Kiss in the Corners. In Eyes that Speak to the Stars, a young Asian boy learns to love his eyes by realizing they are like his father’s, grandfather’s, and younger brother’s.

A young boy notices that his eyes look different from his friends’. They have big and round eyes. The boy realizes that his eyes rise to the skies and speak to the stars, shine like sunlit rays, and glimpse trails of light from those who came before—in fact, his eyes are like his father’s, his grandfather’s, and his little brother’s, and they are visionary.

Eyes that Speak to the Stars is a stunning companion to the acclaimed Eyes that Kiss in the Corners. Joanna Ho’s elegant, lyrical words and Dung Ho’s extraordinary celestial illustrations inspire readers to recognize their own power and strength from within and redefine what it means to be truly you.