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In this riveting, wise, and inspiring memoir, NBA royalty Sonya Curry tells the story of her life, including raising her famous children and her lifelong devotion to education, family, and faith.

Long before she was the mother of five successful children, including two NBA stars—Steph Curry and Seth Curry—Sonya Curry was a young girl struggling to find meaning and purpose. Her journey has been just as thrilling as her superstar son’s, filled with crushing defeats and dazzling victories. Now, in this raw, bracing memoir, Sonya opens up about her life for the first time, beginning with her difficult childhood in rural Radford, Virginia. 

Growing up in extreme poverty, ten-year-old Sonya knew she wanted more for herself, but she also wanted to lend a hand to others wishing for a better life. She opened a “school” in the trailer park where her family lived and helped other children learn to read. Dreaming of becoming an educator, she worked hard at school and sports, earning a scholarship to Virginia Tech. But shortly before her senior year, she got pregnant and dropped out. Within a few short years she was the mother of three rambunctious children and wife to NBA All-Star Dell Curry. For a time, Sonya convinced herself what she had was enough. But as the kids got older, Sonya found her way back to her first love, launching a hugely successful Montessori school in North Carolina. 

Sonya recalls that aha moment, when she first realized that Montessori principles could be a powerful tool for raising children. Montessori encourages children to seek wisdom through experience. Go find the answer, Montessori teachers tell their students—and that’s the lesson she taught her children at home, guidance that helped keep her immensely gifted yet sometimes headstrong children on the path to achieve their destinies, helped build their work ethic, fostered their sense of integrity and accountability, and helped them focus in a world always whispering: Take the easy way. Sonya writes with deep love and honesty about her children’s struggles and successes, their wins and losses, their highs and lows—all which are an integral part of her own story and identity, yet are only piece of each. 

While her love of education and her children are the foundations of her life, it is Sonya’s faith that sustains her. She reveals how a profound personal crisis led to the ultimate answer in her life—a deep, personal connection with God which has brought her comfort and serenity. 

A wise and illuminating story of family, faith, and love, Go Find the Answer has something for everyone—whether a spiritual seeker, a sports fans, a parent, or a teacher. Ultimately, it is one strong mother’s gift to all the mothers, especially those facing difficulties who are searching for the strength to carry on.