It's About Time

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Bestselling author Valorie Burton empowers readers to take charge of their daily lives and routines in order to fight against the hectic, stress-filled lifestyle that’s become the new normal in today’s culture.

Have you bought in to "the new normal"? It's a lifestyle based on heightened expectations and upward social comparisons. It sounds good, and it often feels necessary. But it's killing us.

Symptoms include:

  • You have an ever-present feeling that you're racing toward a finish line that always gets pushed out just a little bit further.
  • You find time for the important things in life, but you wish you had more time to linger and savor those moments.
  • Even though you earn more than enough money to meet your needs, you don't have enough time to get through your to-do list. You are time poor.
  • The pace of those around you is just as hectic and just as exhausting.
In Own Your Happy, bestselling author Valorie Burton shares openly about her struggle against a lifestyle that seems normal but is far from natural. Even better, she equips readers with the tools to create a lifestyle filled with breathing room-a lifestyle that empowers each of us to be fully present, more productive, and truly satisfied.