Laws of Depravity

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30 years. 36 priests butchered. Can they stop him before he strikes again?

New York City. Fall 2011. A priest is found murdered in the most gruesome of crime scenes. The brutal slaying is the work of "The Martyr Maker," a serial killer that for the past 30 years has left behind a legacy of torture and fear around the U.S. Every ten years, he butchers 12 clergymen in twisted scenes reflecting the martyrdom of Jesus and his disciples. NYPD detectives Quincy Cavanaugh and Phee Freeman, along with FBI agent Janet Maclin, know that they have very little time to catch this monster before he completes his final cycle of killing and disappears forever. But the investigation is made even more difficult when they discover that the seemingly unrelated clergymen are anything but the symbols of godliness they would have their community believe.