One Summer in Savannah

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A woman is desperate to protect her brilliant daughter from the family of the man who assaulted her in this tender debut

When 26-year-old Sara Lancaster’s father falls ill, she leaves the secluded home she’s made for herself in Maine and returns to the Georgia home she fled after she was raped eight years before. While caring for her father and running his bookstore, Sara is desperate to protect her curious, outgoing, genius daughter, Alana—the child of that rape—from the Wylers, the powerful family of the man who assaulted her. They have no idea that Alana exists—and Sara intends to keep it that way.

Sara thinks she can succeed, but she doesn’t realize that her attacker’s identical twin brother, Jacob, has also just returned home, there to piece together the fragments of the Wylers’ former glory, uncovering and understanding the violation that brought about the family’s downfall while seeking to forgive his incarcerated brother.

When their two worlds collide unexpectedly, Sara and Jacob are drawn together, plumbing the darkness of the human spirit while healing each other.

Told in alternating points of view, One Summer in Savannah is a heartbreaking yet hopeful story that deeply interrogates questions of redemption and forgiveness.