Oona in the Arctic

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In this third installment of New York Times bestselling author Kelly DiPucchio and illustrator Raissa Figueroa’s bestselling Oona series, an adventurous and mischievous Black mermaid dives headfirst into uncharted waters to help a lost baby beluga and makes new friends along the way.

Oona is on a mission!

A baby beluga whale has strayed too far from her family and needs help getting back to her icy arctic home!

But Oona and her best friend, Otto, have never traveled from their warm ocean waters before. Will old ship maps and a compass be enough to lead them through the dangerous storms ahead?

Oona may be a little mermaid, but she is determined to see this big adventure through! With a touch of bravery and the help of newfound friends, Oona knows they’ll be able to succeed in reuniting this baby beluga with her pod. Ages 4 to 8.