Orchids and Sweet Tea

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Adopting a plant-forward diet doesn’t mean that you’ll be eating a lifetime of meals that are primarily steamed broccoli and plain rice because eating healthy doesn’t mean that food has to lack flavor. In Orchids + Sweet Tea, recipe developer and food stylist Shanika Graham-White shows you that plant-forward meals can be delicious, bold, and flavorful. You just have to be willing to be creative and treat food as art.

Whether you’re a home cook or a skilled chef, the more than 120 recipes in this book will help you make everyday comfort food recipes to nourish your family as well as unique, artful dishes for special occasions that call for more flair. This beautiful book celebrates the idea of turning old and new favorites into healthier options that everyone can enjoy while honoring a plant-forward approach to eating.

Sample recipes include:

-Leftover Jerk Chicken White Cheddar Scallion Scones
-Hot Maple Cauliflower Bites + Sweet Potato Flourless Waffles
-Rum + Raisin Bread
-Buffalo Chickpea Kale Salad
-Cajun Sweet Potato Rigatoni Pasta
-Carrot, Sweet Potato, Pineapple, + Ginger Juice
-Apple Cinnamon Tea
-Cheddar Triple Apple Pie