Ready, Set, Dough!

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From Kelly J. Baptist, the award-winning author of Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero, comes a story about Zoe Sparks, an over-enthusiastic cookie-dough seller who wishes to win a laptop from her school fundraiser. Of course, there's unexpected competition, bad music, strained friendships, and over-the-top ideas that go horribly wrong.

Spunky sixth-grader Zoe Sparks has discovered a unique way to get the laptop of her dreams—to win it! If Zoe can sell more tubs of cookie dough than anyone in her school, the laptop is hers. It’s the first step to becoming a prize-winning journalist! But her win-at-all-costs attitude is starting to drive a wedge between Zoe, her best friend Felix, and her family. Zoe may be a top cookie-dough seller in her class, but is winning the prize really worth it?

Series Overview: Crown currently has five books signed up with Kelly
  • Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero – August 2020
  • The Swag Is in the Socks – November 2021
  • Isaiah Dunn Saves the Day – August 2022
  • Eb & Flow – March 2023

Ages 8 to 10.