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Qualified psychotherapist and award-winning content creator, Tasha Bailey, closes the gap between the therapy room and the wider world. Real Talk: Lessons from Therapy for Healing & Living makes a therapist's tool kit available to everyone.

It's time to bring therapy out of the therapy room and into the real world.

In recent years, therapy and self-care have become familiar buzzwords, but it's clear that people are having to face their emotional difficulties without the tools and insight to work through them. Enter Real Talk, A book to enable readers to have genuine, authentic conversations with themselves, and to start the journey of healing their past experiences and cope with the challenges of modern life.

Filled with techniques and wisdom from a therapist's toolkit this is a must-have handbook for optimising your mental health. Drawing on her experience as a qualified psychotherapist and applying her intersectional perspective Tasha Bailey shares the knowledge and skills you need to change your life.

Tasha's straight-talking but compassionate style will help readers hold up a mirror to their present situation and make sense of their past - delving into topics such as:

·      Trauma & inner-child healing

·      Love, trust, and attachment

·      Family: intergenerational cycles of behaviour, rupture, and repair.

·      Self-Esteem, bodies & sex

Real Talk contains a collection of lessons which the reader might typically learn in therapy. Tasha teaches readers modern language and ideas about mental health, exploring self-love and self-understanding. Connecting psychological theory, lived experience, references from modern day media and case studies from Tasha's work to create a more current, creative, and inclusive perspective of mental health.