The Color of Your Skin

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An entertaining yet creative way to address and celebrate diversity among young children. Like a multicolor pencil palette, what defines human beings is their uniqueness and their diversity.

Vega and her colored pencils were inseparable. Together they created the most impressive drawings that were later exposed in the best museum in the world: the refrigerator at home. Vega used all the colors you can imagine for her drawings: red, yellow, blue, gold… At school, Vega was immersed in one of her new creations when her friend Alex stopped by, and peered into the box of pencils Vega had on her table. “Can you lend me the skin-colored pencil, please?” he asked. Skin-colored? Vega and Alex wondered why there is such a color in the box. With curiosity and creativity they will explore the diversity of skin tones of people who are part of their daily lives and they will discover that the “skin-color” can have a thousand shades and not just one.                       Ages 4 to 8.