The Light We Give

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An author and human rights activist offers his inspiring approach to a happier, more ethical way of life by embracing Sikh teachings.

In The Light We Give, Simran Jeet Singh—writer, educator, and human rights activist—shares a powerful approach to living a purposeful and rewarding life. Growing up in Texas the son of Indian immigrants, he has confronted racism, bullying, and ethnic slurs throughout his life: at school, on the athletic field, in his San Antonio neighborhood, and on the streets of New York City. Instead of growing bitter or angry, Singh draws from Sikh teachings to seek out the good in every situation and find positive ways to direct his energy. These tenets of love, caring, and service to others have empowered him to forge a life of connection and a commitment to justice that have brought him deep happiness and made him a national figure in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and social justice.   
The Light We Give is a new approach to building a personal vision of ethical living in which love, caring, and service go hand in hand with personal happiness. This book speaks to those who are inspired to take on positive change but don't know where to begin. To those who crave the chance to be compassionate but are afraid of being vulnerable. To those who seek the bravery to confront hatred with true love. As a self-described “brown-skinned, turban-wearing, bearded Sikh born and raised in Texas,” Singh has spent his life reaching beyond his comfort zone to practice this deeper form of living. He believes that everyone can learn the skills and insights that have kept him engaged and led him to a commitment to activism without becoming consumed by anger, self-pity, or burnout. Part memoir, part spiritual journey, The Light We Give is a transformative book of hope that shows how each of us can turn away from fear and uncertainty and move toward renewal and positive change.