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Intergalactic visions, deadly threats, and explosivestandoffs between mostly good and completely evil converge in a dystopian fantasythat could only be conceived by the inimitable Walter Mosley, one of thecountry’s most beloved and acclaimed writers

Martin Just wakes up one morning after what feelslike, and might actually be, a centuries-long sleep with two new innate piecesof knowledge: Humanity is a virus destined to destroy all existence. And he is the Cure. Martin begins slipping into an alternateconsciousness, with new physical strengths, to violently defend his family—theonly Black family in their neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles— againstpure evil. Think Octavia Butler meets Jeff VanderMeer meets Jordan Peele.

Expansive and innovative, sexy and satirical, Touched brilliantly imagines the ways in which human life and technologicalinnovation threaten existence itself.